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Critical U

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Dec 10, 2009 04:22

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become masterful. How much practice have you had in negative self-talk and self-doubt that perhaps sounds like…..


Self-critic, self censor, worthless, undeserving, undesirable, insecure, unconfident, self-doubt, disappointment, negative self-talk, unworthy, incapable, unsure, not good enough, self-condemnation, pitiful, apprehensive, anxious, deplorable, contemptible, pathetic, inadequate, small, pitiable, insufficient, unsatisfactory, lacking, deficient, ineffectual, defective, imperfect, hopeless, incapable, incompetent, unskilled, inept, unable, useless, weak, helpless, unqualified, vulnerable, feeble, nervous, worried, apprehensive, uneasy, fretful, fearful, hopeless, powerless………..

Absorbing criticism from external sources is nothing compared to time logged by the inner critic.

Here are some antonyms:

Magnificent, hopeful, powerful and prosperous!

Might it be time to turn down the volume on outer and inner self-deprecations, and instead turn toward the light?

Turn UP the volume on inner positive self-talk.

Shine a light on your Powerful, Prosperous, Hopeful and most Magnificent Self???

Why Don’t You Find Something To Complain About, Love?

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Jul 30, 2009 12:11

The question was directed at me. The endearment tagged on the end was meant to take the sting off. That, and the fact that back in those days, in England, every human being was addressed as ‘love’. Not a bad idea, actually. Doesn’t stress the memory, good vibes, etcetera. But I digress.

I was a little kid, being nicely reprimanded by my mother. But the message was clear and “why don’t you find something to complain about?” taught me an important thing or two early on. My young mind begrudgingly lingered there thinking–knowing the reflection was meant to be inside my own head.

The question implied that I was choosing. I, who in that moment was turning to the dark side, was choosing to do so. I was being told I was being a misery. Focusing on the negative. Not only being negative and complaining, but being willful and choiceful about it. Whatever it was that wasn’t pleasing me wasn’t actually a globally bad experience. It was simply that I was making the choice to feel badly. I was choosing negative. Choosing to be negative, choosing to complain, was only one of many options.

So now I know. Choosing to complain is a choice I make. And now you know too!

One Good Money Rule

By Liz Zed

Monday, Jul 06, 2009 11:24

“Yesterday is a cancelled check: Forget it. Tomorrow is a promissory note: Don’t count on it. Today is ready cash: Use it!”   —Edwin C. Bliss, Author

I’ve been thinking on Bliss’s bit about the prom note, and to not count on it. I found this quote earlier today on Bob Proctor’s ‘Insight of the Day’. It was timely. Someone near and dear had asked me yesterday for my thoughts on a particular prom note investment. What immediately came to mind was that a lot of ‘life savings’ seem recently lost at the cause of promissory note ‘investments’.

Although this little ‘insight’ from Bliss via Proctor, may be more pertinently about the utility of living in the present it seems simple, pertinent, and valuable advice when weighing in on prom note investing. If it’s money you can’t ‘afford’ to lose, better think twice! Put whatever you want into a potentially higher rate of return from this vehicle as long as you “don’t count on it”.

Apply the cautionary Bliss view. Being cautionary truly means don’t lend money that you cannot afford to lose.

Soothing the Self-Critic

By Liz Zed

Sunday, Jul 05, 2009 11:16

The last post on criticism and creativity stirred up a certain amount of controversy.

Following up on that post, this one considers the self-critic. The self-critic arises perhaps, at the ‘tipping point’ of one’s ability to ‘manage’ the voice of an external critic. If the environment in which criticism arises is perceived to be safe and the input useful, it can potentially serve us if it adds to our desire to improve and helps generate action towards improvement. If the critical voice tips the scales in the other direction however, and self-doubt arises, the creative self can become stuck and stifled.

What way out? The way is forward, into movement and growth. Tune in to the inner voice of guidance and self-nurture. Don’t depend on an outcome, but trust yourself and do it anyway.

Criticism Is The Killer of Creativity

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 05:25

Recently I was given a book as a present from someone close to my heart, who I used to watch in awe years ago as she innocently twirled and danced and sang her heart out. Watching her then, I was awestruck! It was as though she were graced by the goddess–not ‘talented’ in the ordinary individual ownership sense of that word, but exactly as a gift of BEING.

She was like a magical vehicle bringing her special interpretation of her moment-to-moment experiencing. It was lovely. Her a cappella rendition of something she was remembering or newly perceiving, recreated in perfect pitch, and accompanied by perfect, delightful, rhythmical movement.

And as she grew she became more and more conscious of how others perceived her, allowing the external critical voice to grow and co-creating a new internal critical voice. Rather than question the intent of the critic, sadly, she silenced spontaneous singing, dancing expressions of joy. Criticism contributed to killing the creative.

All this relates to the book that she gave me, which was Eat, Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The worldwide acclaim and fame Gilbert has received is described here in a TED talk by Gilbert, which is also about historical shifts in how humans have conceptualized artistry and creative expression. Gilbert’s timely and significant message will assist some of the creatives among us to squelch the pressuring external voices of praise and criticism, turning responsibility for what comes through us to some external voice of the muse to speak as they best see fit–allowing creativity to live and thrive!

Having A Rich Day

By Liz Zed

Friday, Apr 17, 2009 06:10

How does the day start? What’s it like in the middle and what’s it like at the end?

Until one sets a conscious intention for the day our sense of what this day is like usually feels like happenstance. Conscious intention-setting can be like waving the wand of grace over our day even before our feet touch the floor on arising.

There’s magic in this practice. And just in case we’re a little delayed in the department of emotional intelligence, it may feel like gaining a sense of control! It’s relatively easy and it can be fun to play with the imagination before the stresses and obligations of what’s to come start lighting up the brainwaves.

Decide that on awaking and before arising, the imaginative creator wand be waved over today. What will I do today? How would I like to be? What would I like to have happen? Go ahead and say quietly to self, “Design my day!”

Synchronicity, Luck, Hard Work?

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009 09:51

It seems that Thomas Jefferson’s take on his own luck was that the harder he worked, the more luck he seemed to have!  Reading the quote immediately after writing today’s first blog post was an example of a lovely synchronicity, both in its timeliness and in its content.

The women mentioned as participants in last night’s conversation on luck and in today’s earlier post, all had decades of ‘hard work’ under their belt. One of the curious questions arising during and after last night’s conversation, revolved around to what extent one’s sense of self as lucky altered the experience of hard work.

Clearly, having a vivid vision and taking consistent action toward creating that vision, holds the likelihood of abundant manifestation. But will the hard work undertaken to get there be experienced with more joy? And perhaps might it not also be experienced after all, as easier and more effortless?

Does Hard Work Create More Luck?

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009 09:25

Starting to see some nice responses of gratitude from readers for creating awareness of choosing how we feel by way of where we place our attention. By choosing mindful attention on the positive feedback instead of on the constant interruptions and obstacles that were arising today, I was effectively catapulted into significantly increased vibrational mood-shifting easily. This seemed to piggyback on the luck theme.

Then I came across this quote from Thomas Jefferson posted by http://alohafamilyproperties.webs.com/ “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”. Putting attention on Jefferson’s quote dovetailed so nicely with the residual thoughts that had been continuously percolating since last night’s conversation and today’s earlier blog post on luck.

Just Noticing Luck Today

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009 07:29

Last night the topic of luck came up. Marina, a long-time friend who  I can essentially say knows the ‘hard life’ of a ‘pioneer’ because she’s lived it, feels that much of her life currently is, and has been blessed with luck. Meanwhile, some of Marina’s friends who’ve navigated a similar pioneering-style environment feel quite differently. Sandra, for instance, takes the view that her own current lifestyle reflects the fact that she has ‘managed’ and  planned her life very well.

Both women are substantially more comfortable materially now than they were a couple of decades ago. For Sandra, her prosperous observable results have little to do with luck. For Marina, just noticing her luck is enough to raise her experience of joy and her experience of her life as prosperous.

What’s Going On In There?

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009 01:09

It’s a beeeoootiful morning and I’m noticing that I’m feeling….. quick choose!

Are you starting to get it? It’s all about where the attention goes. Plus how it goes there!

Now that I know there are things outside the window that have the ability to delight, one of the things I can do is call upon a reference from my experience to help me choose how to feel!

I can think about something that I know has created sensations of joy in the past and put my attention There.

Is there a buzzy bee at work guarding the blooms on bushes and vines and setting the stage for more blossoming bliss? Is there a bird with twigs in its beak getting ready to build a welcoming nest somewhere close? What’s going on in nature land to get inspired or excited about?

Feeling Abundant Noticing What’s Here

By Liz Zed

Sunday, Apr 12, 2009 02:11

A short while ago I was noticing what’s missing. Meanwhile, might I have missed a squirrel furtively hiding his acorn in a pot after a turbo-charged run and leap across branches and boughs? Or a toad alert and still or a brilliant blue bug in the pond moss?

In truth, there are small miraculous unfoldings of life’s play moment to moment, but we are not necessarily mindfully present to notice. Perhaps we are lamenting something missing or something wrong. In the noticing we allow ourselves to be impacted by the event.

What are you doing right now? Noticing what’s missing? Or noticing abundance appearing?

The Vibration Of Noticing What’s Missing

By Liz Zed

Sunday, Apr 12, 2009 01:41

Today’s post continues the theme of noticing nature. Those moments of noticing that consistently lift a mood, often with immediacy, right there in the breathtaking moment of just noticing. Is the elevated feeling because of the unfolding of some small miracle itself? Or is it in the stopping to take notice?

While in a lower vibrational mood my focus might be a lament. Perhaps I notice what is missing, like the fact that the hummingbirds, warbling wrens, junkos, budgie-finches, robins, spartan-sparrows, or steely-beaked ruffian birds which are often-times splashing about in the bird spa, near to the roses and jasmine, presently are not!

A Rose Is A Rose Is………What?

By Liz Zed

Friday, Apr 10, 2009 04:14

A shocking delight of creamy white rose sprung into view just now. I saw it juxtaposed with cascades of pinky white jasmine in a glancing view from the desk through the window. Jasmine has been delighting the view for weeks now. How long the rose? By its size perhaps since yesterday. Yet though it may well have been there it might as well not as it was not yet seen–even though there had been plenty of looking out going on!

I thought a similar thing a few days ago when two yellow roses fringed and frilled with orange and red appeared. When did they bud out? How many days or hours had they been there but not?

Each new rose at first view elicits small delight and lifts a mood. Now there’s a noticeable something. The vibration has risen. An abundance vibe is in the air.

On Mindfulness and Miracles

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Apr 09, 2009 07:40

Catching up on yesterday’s post:  from the perspective of time and expanded spiritual practice a lucky incident of ‘perfect timing’ is viewed in a different light. The mindful observer has become ‘tuned in’ with awareness–to the ongoing nature of awesome, or seemingly ‘miraculous’ moments. With mindfulness the world becomes an ongoing observation station for such moments.

With mindful awareness a new liveliness might appear as an unfolding or revealing of something which may have prior to the moment of mindfulness been merely as if hidden from view or not present. Simplicity expands with texture perhaps, or rich depth, or movement, or meaning. Life force creates an expanded present, and with life force a sense of beingness and joy.

All this… out of noticing.

A Spot of Good Fortune

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Apr 08, 2009 08:14

There’s a story told about the first day’s lunch-hour walk during a student’s first spiritual retreat. At noon he set off in the snow to explore the retreat property walking in mindful silence, stopping at the midway point after walking half an hour, and then turning to retrace his steps in the snow back to the retreat center.

Taking mindful notice that it was time for turning back brought a simultaneous awareness of an eagle’s presence circling directly overhead. It was an awe-filled and inspired moment as his being filled with gratitude for the good fortune of turning at just this precise moment in time to take in the viewscape’s breathtaking event–perfect timing to capture a small miracle unfolding. How lucky for this walk. How lucky for this perfect timing.

It is a story related from the perspective of time, remembering back on a first spiritual retreat. Can you realize what had been the lesson brought forward as seen from the perspective of a much later moment in time and mindfulness practice?

The World Just Got Better

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, Apr 07, 2009 09:15

When it seems like the inner guide is making a request to spend time in quiet contemplation I’ve learned that it’s probably a good thing to pay attention and do exactly that. Sometimes, on such occasions I’ve been richly rewarded for the deep listening with an expanded awareness and a knowing just what to do. And such times can bring a sense of the miraculous. It is a good, and joy-filled feeling!

During such segments of time that a sense of the miraculous fills the air, appreciation is also present in uncommon and bountiful measures. It seems simply that the world is a more beautiful place. The skies are colored more deeply and richly perhaps, birdsong is ‘trillier’, smiles are bigger and warmer, unimagined opportunities present themselves.

Am I simply having an experience of a keener ability to notice and appreciate? Or is the world truly manifesting more?

Poverty or Prosperity?

By Liz Zed

March 20, 2009

Poverty or Prosperity

Finding The Good In A Bad Situation

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2009 10:35

We’re bombarded every day with the news of how bad things are. It’s only natural that our tendency to seeing things in a negative light might be influenced just a little with such all-pervasive reinforcement isn’t it? We constantly hear about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude. Meanwhile, the input from every which direction is all doom and gloom.

It seems so easy for someone to say “let’s find the opportunity in a bad situation”. It actually seems easy to repeat it to ourselves and to believe that it will help. That’s usually in our better moments.

However, those other moments of ‘bad’ situation experiencing can be something different altogether. How can we find the opportunity here? There apparently is none when all seems Not good. In such times the best we can often do is to think “If Only!” but to actually maintain and sustain a different view probably requires the kind of courage, commitment and faith that most of us find hard to come by in bad times.

So here’s a suggestion that seems almost ingenious. Try switching up the words a little. Instead of asking, or trying to remember to ask ourselves “what’s the opportunity in this?” here’s a less direct, and potentially less self-confronting option. Instead try this–“if I Were able to find something good about this situation….”

What would it be?

Start Smiling At The Future

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Mar 04, 2009 11:52

“For the next 50 years, the myth of job security prevailed.” That’s a quote from Alex Mandossian. This morning I’m excited! and I’m grateful. I’m grateful and excited because of Alex. He has posted an entry to his blog this morning. He calls his post A Brief History of “The Entrepreneurial Revolution”. That entry appears to have been inspired by a Barack Obama quote that “The future of our economy relies on the imagination of our Entrepreneurs.”

In today’s post Alex speaks about what’s potentially about to manifest in 2010 or even 2009–the vision of the coming Third Epoch of Entrepreneurship, aptly labelled Entrepreneurial Interdependence. My reaction to reading this post was pure elation and wholehearted agreement. I smiled a broad big grin when I read the phrase “the myth of job security”–thinking “at last! Somebody Gets It!”

Go read it and see if you don’t agree. It’s inspirational. By the way, have an Awesome day.

Is it Discipline or is it Devotion?

By Liz Zed

Monday, Feb 23, 2009 02:16

For the start of a new week I decided to spend some time thinking about a quote attributed to Pavarotti. It was Pavarotti’s opinion that people apparently mistook his devotion for discipline. Contemplating the famed opera singer’s disctinction between discipline and devotion did in fact lead me to inspired action. I chose to consiously acknowledge all actions as undertakings of devotion rather than seeing discipline as their source.

I keep advocating for the importance of attitude and now, after today’s adventure in ‘devotion’ I’m recommending you try it too. It just makes everything feel easier and more like a choice rather than a task.

Keeping tabs on one’s own attitude isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Clients often ask “How do I scale up to a higher vibrational level when I can’t ‘see’ my own negativity?” or “How can I stop having these negative responses when encountering situations that I don’t like?”

Well, what I discovered today is that approaching the experiences of the day in an attitude of devotion immediately creates the effect of instantly becoming a self-observer and noticing my attitude. It’s a bonus side effect that comes along with being able to instantaneously switch from whatever it is that I’m doing like it’s a ‘have to’ to an attitude of doing because ‘I want to’ (in an attitude of devotion). It’s also bringing conscious awareness to the fact of ‘choosing’.

Pavarotti’s quote http://tinyurl.com/azwaac

Feeling Grateful Today?

By Liz Zed

Saturday, Feb 14, 2009 01:42

What a difference it makes feeling grateful. In my experience there’s no faster path to experiencing warmth, bliss, joy, love–all the goodies that a day like today is designed to celebrate.

Joy is life force. Sorrow moves us in the opposite direction. Much wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions is currently being borne out by modern scientific research. The world can both reflect back to us the joy that we’re expressing and leave an instantaneous imprint on substance as well. It’s the stuff of miracles.

The winds of change inevitably bring challenges which in turn can mean difficult feelings. Just noticing what’s good in this moment has phenomenal power in it. Reliving moments of imprinted gratitude has awesome power to recreate feelings of joy.

Whether the love energy seems sadly absent or it’s present unboundedly, there’s never a better time than now to take account of what there is to be grateful for.

You might enjoy this movie. Thanks to whoever was the someone who sent a ‘Tweet’ out yesterday with the gift of this movie. If you know who that was please let me know so that I can credit them with it here.

Gregg Braden The Science of Miracles
or Take advantage of our Valentine’s Day Special for Group or Individual Coaching.

Goals, Goals, Goals

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Feb 05, 2009 01:27

Can you believe that it’s February? Are you wondering if 2009 is going to be a repeat of 2008? Did you accomplish all that you wanted to in 2008?

Whether you did or you didn’t — either way, goal setting is the order of the day. A desired life is sculpted out of achieving goals. Now that you have your values in order–and see my previous post if you don’t–it’s time to create a list of goals.

There are many different ways to tackle goal setting. What’s more important than how it’s done, is that it IS done! So now it’s February. Don’t let the year slip away. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. How we use that time is what makes each of our lives different. How we spend our time and thus, what kind of lives we live, can be substantially altered by setting goals and then taking action to achieve them.

Which Values Do You Choose?

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Jan 22, 2009 03:53

Wordle: Which Values Do You Choose?

Choose your top 5 values in order of importance as an essential first step to succesful goal-setting!

Success Is When All Areas Of Life Are Working

By Liz Zed

Monday, Jan 19, 2009 12:57

Isn’t it interesting how often we feel uneasy or dissatisfied with our situation even though to outside observers we appear successful? While we’re busy setting and achieving our life goals perhaps a small voice arises in the background reminding us to “be careful what you ask for”.

Janet is someone who has a new understanding of “be careful what you ask for.” The 43 yr. old hospital administrator had been meeting with her mastermind group regularly for quite some time and she had acquired some astonishing abilities at manifesting.

Janet was pleased with herself initially as positive results appeared after setting intentions and taking action toward her goals. But, as another year had come to a close, and as Janet was acknowledging her accomplishments she was also keenly aware that not all of the accomplishments in her life were bringing her satisfaction. In fact, in some respects she felt stuck in her life, as though she was not really making forward progress. “What to make of this?”, Janet asked herself.

While true success is generally a joyful experience, Janet was missing the joy. Shouldn’t joy be present when one is accomplishing life goals? As Janet’s emotions were not aligned with expectations of fulfillment she became aware of something gone wrong. So what was going wrong?

It was time for Janet to take stock and reflect on the manifestation process and on goal-setting. She began again, with two critical quesitons: “Who am I?” and “What do I want?” It was an opportune time to reconsider top values and prioritize a short list.

This is the way to manifest good things and experience the emotional fulfillment that should rightfully accompany them. Putting the attention and focus on one’s highest values and intentions will prove helpful for Janet in determining desires for Janet’s life that will create satisfaction when achieved.

To have things come out right, Janet had to begin again at the beginning. In this case effective goal setting begins with prioritizing a short list of highest priority values. Goals which have been set–based on one’s highest priority values–tend to be the most rewarding and fulfilling when achieved.

Visualization. The Secret Key To Success

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008 07:13

What a wonderful day to turn it on!

Getting comfortable…… sinking down……letting go……. taking time….. eyes closed….. tensions dissolving

What would life look like if you could do, be, have your heart’s desires? No limitations. No obstacles. Turn on the sensory antennae. Tune in.

Picture it now! Vividly picturing your image of success and accomplishment what do you see?

This morning I sparkled and danced my vision into being, conjuring up special words and images to bring the emotions alive, engage the senses, anchor it in!

No need for concern with how. Allowing the vision to form is sufficient. Your visualization will guide your future. Enjoy it.


A Gift For You, From You, & About You

By Liz Zed

Friday, Dec 26, 2008 07:42

Chances are you’ve been preoccupied of late with what you
can give to others. So now is a perfect time to practice gift-giving a
little differently. Give yourself the gift of self-acknowledgement.

If you are anything like most people giving yourself the
gift of self-acknowledgement could be a challenging exercise. If so, don’t
be easily dissuaded. Acknowledging yourself for your accomplishments in
2008 is a great way to enter the portal of 2009. It’s a challenging practice
which will help set you up to create your vision and set your goals for
the coming year.

Giving yourself some quiet, alone time with no distractions will
assist in actually following through on delivery of this gift to
yourself. Starting with the most recent few weeks in a timeline
backwards through ’08, review your actions over the past year. Imagine that you
are in a conversation acknowledging someone else’s accomplishments. That
way even small things will usually seem more obvious. Notice if you qualify or
minimize and quickly correct this. Just focus on being kind and generous about
who and how you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished. Jot down some
self-acknowledging notes.

Congratulate yourself on being ready to visualize
’09 and feel free to post a Comment.

The Power of Visibility

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Dec 17, 2008 10:42

Success rarely arises out of obscurity. Usually a requirement of success is to stand up and be seen and heard. It is important to put yourself and your ideas out there in front of people in order for them to benefit and profit from what you have to offer.

Create more visibility for your business today. Expand your reach by working together with like-minded individuals. Network and develop your ideas in dynamic interaction with others. Utilize the social media sites. There is so much to learn and share about. Wealth is all about keeping the flow going. Joy too.

Donovan said it best:

Happiness runs in a circular motion    Thought is like a little boat upon the sea   Everybody is a part of everything anyway   You can have everything if you let yourself be

Happiness runs…..Happiness runs….

The Magic of Life

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Dec 11, 2008 01:56



Even The Sperm Banks Are Failing!

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Nov 13, 2008 09:51

Wow! Now there’s a captivating headline. What does it signify you may (or may not) ask? It’s certainly one more notch down the negativity scale. Is there Anything positive going on out there?

‘Even the sperm banks are failing’ seems to be a statistical reporting on the general direction of vitality, regenerativity,  progeny and the future–or Not! In this particular case more Not than hot. It’s about decline and disinclination, it would seem.

However, there’s a whimsy about this statement as well. It’s almost as if there’s another level or layer to be peeled back, a digging deeper for more information to perhaps be revealed. A bigger question about “what is going on?”

Is there a potential richness to what might or might not be being revealed? Are there deeper implications? Is it just not worth the $20 anymore? Such harsh times in which we exist. Some banks are out of dollars. Other banks are out of sperm. oh sigh………


By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Nov 05, 2008 08:49

“a return to prosperity? Yes We Can”

Today’s post was excitedly conceived last night but posted this morning due to more technical glitches last night–more about that later. For now it’s an enthusiastic Yeah Saying to “a new leadership in America”.

What better example of hope, encouragement and enthusiasm to be moving forward in solidarity and individual responsibility from a place of “two wars, a planet in peril, and the worst financial catastrophe in this century”.  The new President Elect of the United States notes that we are moving forward to “a return to prosperity” and the rallying cry is Yes We Can!

Obama leads with hope. First and foremost he leads with a vision of what will be. The future is truly in the vision. It is a vision of hope. It is a vision of opportunity. The words springing from this visionary’s lips are embodied words. He is living the vision.

We can model this leader’s ability to create something great out of visualizing what is to be. And he richly acknowledges ‘team’. Team is essential to actualizing a big vision. It embraces those who share the vision and help make it so. What a stunning example of abundance mindset.

Connection or Separation? Which Do You Choose?

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2008 07:25

Yesterday I happened to be ruminating on what a difference the simple action of sharing affection can make, when I received a message. “Shift your focus to your shared humanity” noticing how you are connected to others. This was Coach and Peace Tuesday blogger Darlene Batchelder’s message yesterday and I heard her loud and clear.

Darlene’s Peace Tuesday message dovetails with the message I was simultaneously creating when I read it. Keep the flame of affection alive in your closest relationships. Showing affection clearly demonstrates your abiity to notice how you are connected.

Never withold your affection for you do so at your peril. Your expression of affection is your contribution to joy and light in the world. Whereas withholding your affection is tantamount to letting the joy and light in the world go out! Tell your friends. It is important.

Joy is life force. Your affection brings joy to the hearts of those with whom you share it. You sow abundance. Your affection serves as your message of peace and you radiate goodness and heart connection in the world. Sharing affection is true sharing of heart and soul wealth.


By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2008 09:10


The title of this post is WORD. Now you’ve read it twice.

What do you think of?

The title might also have been


Same thoughts? ………..or different?

What about


I have different associations for each of these.

What this post is really about is just WORDS

The power of words. Words as signposts.

it is about Words and Thoughts

Our thoughts give rise to our words.

The words we write and the words we say are created by the thoughts we think. Thus what we say and write reflects the inner self. The self-image is projected out onto the world this way–with words.

Taking notice of the words we are writing and speaking is like a compass for where we are headed. It is the map of the world we are creating.

Want to be happy? ……………

But talking about being down-in-the-dumps?

Want to be healthy? ……………….

But talking about illness?

Want to be prosperous? ……………….

But talking about not having enough?

Want to have love? ……………….

But talking about what is wrong?

I used to hear the admonishment in school that “This is not the dress rehearsal for your life!” This IS your life. The simplest way to see where we’re headed? By paying attention to the translation–the translation of Who’s In Here to What’s Out There through our


“For a good time call….”

By Liz Zed

Saturday, Aug 09, 2008 12:04

Humor is a great way to shift your vibration-level up a notch or two when you find yourself slipping out of abundance mode. Especially if you’re doing really foolish things like inadvisably dropping boundaries and letting some particularly graphic and gruesome news items take over valuable think-space.

I usually try to avoid the news like the plague but occasionally when truth is stranger than fiction I do get sucked into the vortex of negative magnetism. And then I’m trapped in the fallout. The result in my brain is nasty news getting lots of monkey-mind replay time.

What’s the remedy? Look for a counterbalance. Now I’m smiling thanks to a benevolent Twitterer’s tweet on this comic. A good laugh breaks up a bad feedback loop.

Thanks to the tweeter too, though I can’t remember Who!

Thankyou Thursday

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Aug 07, 2008 03:43

A dream,

a lost subject returned,

a 5:30 wake-up call.

Sweet million cherry ‘matoes scrumptious mated with freshly picked leaves of basil,

purple passion flowers vining roundabout

and birds in the bath.

Stepping into sunshine,

finding a parking space,

happy baristas.

Alanis to trill with ‘in praise of the vulnerable man’

Chatty Galina parking lot encounter

and a stress therapy management discount.

‘Friends who send’ …. & the pleasure of this morning’s bountiful e’-preciations

artsy cards,

photos of fave beeotifuul surf ‘n peaks (shocking! Really!),

black’nwhites of kids, objets d’art,

gratitudes going around ‘n coming around,

special memories revisited–facebook friends.

Auspicious, synchronous Gratitude.



‘n U?

Prosperity Angel

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Aug 06, 2008 03:48

Prosperity Angel

Taking an afternoon smoothie break at the neighborhood coffee shop brought me in contact with a ‘Prosperity Angel’ just a short while ago. I was a tad worn walking into the coffee shop. A brief encounter with someone vibrating at the higher end of the Prosperity Spectrum brightened and enlivened my work day. Blogging gives me a chance to express gratitude for the moment. True expressions of prosperity, whenever encountered, shouldn’t go unrecognized!

A woman patiently awaiting her latte threw radiant beaming glances back over her shoulder at the twin babes in pink carriers plunked against the wall. And they beamed back at her as their pink booties wriggled & kicked at the air inside their carry-seats.

Taken by the palpable joy emanating from the little group prompted me to consider these babes perched side by side–one decidedly plump & robust, the other smaller, slight, & more subdued. I learned the twins had been tiny indeed at birth, requiring intensive care. Their temporary caregiver, whom I’m naming the ‘Prosperity Angel’ had brought them home from the hospital after their first weeks in ICU.

This decision to share how they prosper with others came at the prompting of ‘PA’s’ other children. She told me how they clamored for more opportunities to embrace the foster baby brothers and sisters who might need the love and care that they willingly wish to share.

Indeed! Foster mom ‘PA’ told me that her family has shared their prosperity one needy infant at a time–a week or perhaps a year. Ouch! Imagine the selflessness of detaching from a babe you’ve nurtured and loved for a year? ‘PA’ says, “That’s enough!” Her subtext, “It’s too painful!”

Yet here Prosperity Angel was, waiting for her latte and sharing radiant beaming joy with pink-bootied twins because the prompting of her other children had overridden her resolve to avoid the painful letting go that will come soon enough. For now there’s the pleasure and joy of spreading abundance to others.

And don’t you know, ‘PA’ is teaching her other children to grow into their own image of prosperity and abundance, as she models for and with them gifts of heart and love and welcome that we all have to share.

follow me. Playful prosperity

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, Jul 29, 2008 06:59





preponderantlyy pleasant

promotionally protypically pleasing


paradynamically predestined


perspicacious pronounced prototypically productive pleasurably problogging

proactive preferred personable

presumably professional prolific perceptively present

parenthetically proud pretty posh pink palatial princess picture-perfect and precious

practical practiced pleased


Climbing the Joyladder One Rung at a Time

By Liz Zed

Monday, Jul 28, 2008 02:13

Alright so there I was looking at myself through a glass Darkly. I’m sure you’ve all been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It’s really not recommended, but probably occasionally unavoidable. So what to do when one finds oneself in that Dark place?

First off taking heed of some old-school wisdom can’t hurt. Napoleon HIl reminded us that ultimately we will believe our own self-talk. Just becoming conscious of the fact that letting the mind dwell on negative self-talk–such as the ‘descriptive D’s of self-definition’ from my last post–reinforces what we Don’t want. In other words whatever we focus on increases.

So begin to turn the focus toward what is Desired, and away from what is Not.

Increase the vibrational level. Don’t expect to jump all in one leap from Down-in-the-Dumps to JoyCity though! To expect that of oneself in such trying times usually only equates to digging the hole deeper.

This is a time for climbing the ladder to Joy–the Life Force–one rung at a time. One might be inclined to begin with anger or blame. That’s okay. It could be the beginning of a move from inertia to getting into action. Getting into action is helpful!

The operative word here is gentle and steady. Be kind to Self. Expect to climb out of the hole. See it one rung at a time. Imagine moving the level of vibration up notch by notch, by shifting the self-talk from negative to positive. The ultimate goal is seeing oneself immersed in abundance and joy.

Have Faith in the ultimate goal even in the face of lack of evidence.

tweet too big for twitter


Sunday, Jul 27, 2008 01:33



disheartened and disappointed,

dejected, disenfranchised,

distressed distracted


downhearted down-in-the-dumps





disowned declined deserted

drugged downtrodden



depraved deranged derided



disregarded disreputable

I AM discouraged

Social Bookmarking

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Jul 24, 2008 04:44

What a complicated web we netbiz persons must weave to set the spiders in motion! Here I sit dedicatedly uploading and downloading with nary a success in site for hours upon days now and still I maintain resolve to persevere through to a positive outcome! Cheer me on because presently what you are witnessing in the blog post is yet another step…..

Say hello to Marilyn Monroe

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2008 07:06

I was about to begin writing this post. About to is the operating phrase. Instead, I was just sitting here.

Comfy office chair to the window-lovely view in today’s fading light: spruce, pine, eucalyptus, flowers, squirrels, a bridge, a stream. Mesmerized was I! looking to ‘je ne sais quoi’ not escape because I wanted to create an opportunity out of yet another adversity but I was distracted… social networking–‘facebooking’: my Fave distraction these daze —

And… I happened over there ….and came upon this lovely ‘gift’ of a wall post from fb friend Debbie PG. Words attributed to Marilyn Monroe, and soooo fitting to the topic I had been hazily ‘contemplating’ since my weekend reclusive retreat, meant to contemplate a loss, a door closing. How to turn it into another door opening, remain true to my principles, stay with the prosperity mindset. As I said, I was about to trip the light fantastic with my words that would model the mindset I wanted to be an example for and this is what I found over on fb.

Here it is:

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

People change so that you can learn to let go,

things go wrong so that you appreciate them

when they’re right, you believe lies so you

eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,

and sometimes good things fall apart so better

things can fall together.          –Marilyn Monroe

This is enough. It’s a universal experience. One person can say it for all of us. Auspicious timing, and “Thank you” Marilyn.

Starbucks Bashing

By Liz Zed

Sunday, Jul 06, 2008 02:51

Whatever happened to the prestige of the merchant class?  Starbucks has had a prominent face in the news of late. The $100M+ payment to employees, ordered by a California judge last March brought a preponderance of media attention and public discussion. More recently–since the announcement of closure of 600+ Starbucks locations–the buzz has grown louder.

It’s curious that public response seems largely gleeful at these seeming misfortunes of Starbucks. The day after the March announcement I asked the employees of my local S’bux their opinion. They expressed confusion about the decision. Unanimously agreeing that it seemed outrageous, the ‘shift supervisor’ of the moment at this particular location gave me her perspective. She was very much of the opinion that it was a wrong-headed decision on the part of the law courts. There wasn’t a person on staff that morning with whom I communicated that agreed with the court outcome.

Yet, at the same time I heard other customers heartily congratulating the staff on the decision. Certainly, these early congratulators had not enquired from the same staff they were congratulating how they felt about the decision! When I asked one patron “Why congratulations?” the response was swift. “Hey, these guys get to share $100M of corporate money!”

And now, there seems no doubt that the news of the imminent closure of 600+ locations is being publicly received in a similar, almost congratulatory manner. How interesting! It seems that one of the pitfalls of fame is the envy and aspersions of others. As a struggling entrepreneur, against the odds of a highly competitive market/universe, empathy and support is not too difficult to garner amongst the laboring class. It is, after all a fairly common aspiration these days to attain success status on a climb beginning at ‘somewhere near nowhere’. But once arrived, the upwardly aspiring entrepreneur passes out of the ranks of ‘us’ and into the realm of ‘them’.

A natural progression of events and sociological norm this progression may well be. However, a cautionary note to employ mindfulness choosing a position ‘for’ or ‘against’ in such matters may well be in order. How does our opinion serve us? Does it support prosperity and abundance? Or is insufficiency thinking patterned over a lifetime asserting self-sabotaging self-talk? Think about it!

Get Rich Quicker?

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Jul 02, 2008 03:00

When I saw the headlines at the airport newsstand this past weekend it was pretty much a no-brainer to predict what the popular financial press would be slinging, come Monday morning. What was the catchy airport newsstand headline? Drop in the Dow signifies the arrival of a BEAR MARKET. Ouch!

Monday morning’s financial advice to squelch the fear came in handy tip form, times 7. Here are 2 of the 7 tips.

  • Buy commodities
  • Buy stocks on margin

Well! Wouldn’t those be a couple of ‘tips’ that can land an investor in the fire? I’ll answer myself with a resounding “Yes”. And take heed ye investor without savvy. Especially so, those currently who find themselves in the financial frying pan. There are few things more likely to bring on despair than borrowing to invest to follow the guidance above.

Of course there are those astute investors who are liquid, heads well above water, and absolutely ready to take advantage of golden opportunities of the moment. And for these, the ‘tips’ may be timely and sweet. But not likely a Monday morning revelation, either. They’re already in commodities. And their margin positions hardly ‘edgy’.

Get rich quicker? Maybe.

Lose your shirt?

What’s your opinion?

Oprah on Money and Meaning and Being Happy

By Liz Zed

Sunday, Jun 22, 2008 04:05

“To be happy you have to give something back”- Oprah Winfrey

In her June 15th Commencement Speech to Stanford ’08 Graduates, Oprah waxed poetic on the value of finding a career trajectory with heart & meaning. She spoke from her heart about her personal journey.

In her speech Oprah returned again and again to the value of listening to inner guidance. Oprah also cautioned not to be unduly influenced by the well-meaning advice of friends and family if it means turning away from your own logic and personal guidance system. The bumps in the road are to be duly noted. Obstacles help us navigate.

Although not knowing exactly a journey’s destination, paying attention to inner guidance is important, as is a sense of gratitude. In this way one is able to acknowledge good fortune, make necessary compromises and set boundaries on how much compromise is too much. One of Oprah’s examples on setting her own limit:  a strong request from ‘higher ups’ to change her name to Suzie!

Navigating the more difficult bumps in the road–especially those situations where inner guidance is insisting on ‘no compromise’–may be stressful. The route may be made more precarious for it.

Oprah, however, seemed to recognize clearly–though she didn’t recognize it till later–that paying attention to the callings of the inner self help create the outer manifestation of our right path or calling.

Oprah gave as an example when the ‘higher ups’ transitioned her ‘out’ of the news. They did so by giving her the position of hosting her own ‘talk show’. She described the moment of recognizing a ‘calling’ in this. She said she sensed immediately she had ‘come home’.

This new chair felt like ‘a good fit’. Now removed from the somewhat inappropriate, muddled role of social worker-news anchor she noticed a greater Oprah taking form. This is what she sensed. She was describing to the graduates the point at which money connected to meaning. The rightness of finding a ‘fit’–for making a difference in people’s lives in a way that felt like ‘coming home’. Oprah found a path with heart and meaning.

Oprah acknowledged that having money is good! However, she cautioned the graduates not to go out seeking the highest paying job available; advising them to look for what has meaning. She emphasized the vastly more valuable combination of money combined with meaning, advocating cultivating a deeper connection with oneself–learning to make decisions from the gut.

‘Oprah’ may at one time have been thought by the ‘higher ups’ to be too difficult a name to remember. Instead Oprah herself–through her own recognition of the importance of connection between meaning and money–has made her name one that is going to be difficult to forget!

She wrapped up the commencement speech nicely with some final sage words of advice, “To be happy you have to Give Something Back.”

Millionaire Mindset

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, Jun 17, 2008 09:08

To truly appreciate abundance sometimes requires treating yourself to something truly wonderful. If you want to be a millionaire the word on the block is act like a millionaire. I think I can give you a good example of how to do this.

Harley Davidson had a fly ‘n ride program out of San Francisco, at the time I originally posted this. Alas, apparently it exists no more! So you will have to find alternate methods to get yourself astride a motorbike. Plan a weekend trip to San Francisco. When you arrive pick up your bike & ride through Sonoma County and via the backroad scenic route up to Napa to spend the weekend at a B&B in Calistoga, town of spa & mudbaths. Ride in the sunshine through the wine country. Take a right turn at Calistoga and head up Highway 12 to lunch at the Culinary Institute. Experience a gastronomic delight from the patio overlooking the vineyards and chateaux.

An unforgettable feast for the senses…. an eye candy and culinary delight. You can have chef’s temptations, a melt-in-the-mouth sumptuous repast, and wine flights par excellence. If you don’t care to drink and ride pretend with wine glasses filled with Pellegrino, lots of ice & lemon, create a paired flight with a ‘wine juice’ spritzer!

If you happen not to be a Harley afficianado shame on you! All is not lost. Be creative. Call a rental agency in advance and arrange your favorite luxury ride. And be sure to let the top down.

Your sunburned face in the mirror Monday morning will thank you for this luxurious self-nurture. Go outside and cut a piece of aloe vera for a cool slather. Thank the goddess for this abundant and wonderful life!

How Can I Help You?

By Liz Zed

Friday, Jun 13, 2008 07:58

Earlier this morning I called my friend Ed over at 37th Parallel to thank him for something wonderful he had done for me. We chatted about this and that. He was out of state on business. He was not expecting my call. He was obviously busy.

Regardless, it seemed as though he had set an intention for the call. I believe the intention that he set was for me to feel fully heard and acknowledged. The reason I say that is because being heard and acknowledged was exactly what I experienced. And, remember it was I who had called Ed–to thank him for his wonderful gift!

How did our call end? Ed said, “Don’t hesitate to call anytime and let me know how I can be of help.”

Then I felt happy and grateful, and I wanted to be a help to someone. I felt prosperity in friendship. I felt ‘living in an abundant world’. I wanted to skip off into the morning and do good deeds. I wanted to look for people I could ask, “How can I help you?”

Money Making Ideas Day 2

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Jun 12, 2008 06:45

Hello. Did you ask yourself this question yet: “How many money making ideas did I create today?” If you’re serious about having more $$$ in your life the route to making it a reality is to enlist the assistance of your brain.

The old mindset is so busy creating self-talk that contradicts this question it’s difficult to get past the noise to have ourselves heard. So be prepared for that. In the therapist’s office the noise that’s getting in the way is called resistance. Acknowledge resistance, but don’t give it top billing. Just get right back to the task at hand. In this case, the task at hand is to first ask the question, “How many $$$ making ideas did I create today?”

Next, notice how your brain responds. If you’ve practiced this exercise for awhile you’ll notice that even if you hadn’t consciously thought of any $$$ making ideas yet today, ideas immediately begin to bubble up. The imperative next step is to put pen to paper and begin to write something down. Notice the adjective imperative. You won’t create results by staying in fantasyland. Take action! NOW! Write it down. Don’t censor. This is important. Don’t censor, just write! Reach for 3 $$$ making ideas.

Do this every day. Make it a new habit.

Money Making Ideas

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008 03:19

How many money making ideas did you create today?

That’s it folks! The whole blog enchilada for now. Just one question. How many money making ideas did you create today?

More tomorrow……………..

Prosperity Equates With A Positive Mindset

By Liz Zed

Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 08:28

Last week as I travelled on the Costa Rican Turisto Bus with some buddies, V-twin and myself got to complaining as we are all too-often prone to do. Soon there was a resounding complainant choir chiming out in 5-part harmony!

Jeff began pulling a purple wristband off his left wrist and as he did so, switching it from left to right, he let his buddies on either side, also sporting purple wristbands, know that he was switching–“caught complaining red-handed”. My quizzical look had Jeff explaining, as Chad and Ed followed suit with their respective wrist-band switching. My good friends Ed, Chad & Jeff were doing their bit to uphold a recently-made commitment to a “complaint-free world”. I felt like a kid caught with my hand in the cookie-jar. Sheepishly I conceded. I have consistently reverted to a life-long bad habit and I am renewing my commitment to the cause which I find not only admirable, but perhaps Essential for the acquisition of a true prosperity mindset.

I’ve had good training over the past several decades, with excellent spiritual guides and enlightened teachers who have shared their wisdom by teaching me the principles of gratitude and right speech. Yet, it’s a hard lesson learned. I have to keep learning it. Over and over. I managed to complete an entire year with these principles solidly under my belt many years ago. Perhaps that’s why I suddenly felt sheepish, and guilty! But the point is really to learn kindness towards ourselves as well if we are to really bask in the light of an abundant world.

Thanks to my three wonderful friends when I arrived at my mailbox a short while ago I was delighted to pull my new purple wristband out of the envelope they had sent me. And I am smiling right now because I have proof once again that when I set my intention with the universe, assistance is provided. Cheers for a complaint-free world! and may the Prosperity Goddess shine her light on You!

Equatorial Eye-Candy

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 10:50

Imagine Costa Rica amidst the clambering-swinging, hooting and howling monkeys.  Spiky 2-foot iguanas cross the cobblestone path as it winds through iridescent shades of green flora dotted with the brilliant flashes of red, pink, purple, and sunny yellow. Vibrantly coloured birds flit by and the senses are dazzled.

This is a paradise immersion from which to delight in the practicing and testing of abundance-manifestation skills. Picture it please. Attracting an in-your-face human singing, whirling-dervish alarm clock chanting magical incantations to wake by. And this can happen to roommates in Costa Rica!

It’s an exceptional landscape of tropical mountains flowing into spectacular vistas. It’s a good place to zipline through the rainforest canopy, to ride the ocean waves and to sip potent tropical cocktail concoctions at el restaurante on the sand at sunset.

Costa Ricans are gracious, warm, friendly and charming and the possibility of engaging a local to co-create spontaneous adventures arrive at every turn. This is indeed a marvellous manifestation of delight for the senses. It’s a perfect opportunity to set imagination in motion. Indeed, this is a tremendous opportunity to vision what’s possible.

From this place of vivid vision today’s question to you, “In which eye-candy environment would You next like to awaken?”

Problems, Problems, and More Problems!

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 12:30

The last blogpost had me recounting the details of Big Problem Number 3. A problem of $$$. Now you see it. Now you don’t. The $$$ that is. A fair chunk of change was ‘disappeared’ from my bank account. A considerable problem for me indeed!

I had the intention of posting the details of my ‘in-the-moment’ internal process. Just like the previous days which also had me detailing the transformative process of BPN1 and BPN2. “It’s all a matter of sticking-it-through with an eye to transformation,” I was saying to you there. More letting go of the ‘lack & doubt response’ to Big Problems. Changing the focus and scanning the horizon for resources, BPN3 gets transformed into abundance & layers of opportunity. And for extended relevance to the reader a question: “How much $$$ would you have to have ‘disappeared’ from Your account before your radar registered a Big Problem?

And then………..

Talk about now you see it; now you don’t! The blogpost was ‘disappeared’. Not Another Problem! So much for the Law of 3. Oh sigh….

Anyway, one of the other things I happened to be ‘talking about’ was my belief system. Obviously I was taught that “problems come in bunches”. What I was being curious about was:

“Do I experience problems in ‘bunches’ because that’s what I was taught to expect and believe?” I don’t have a definitive answer–only suspicions. What’s your opinion?

What I do know, in my ancient wisdom mind, is that truly living this abundant life that I believe is our birthright, requires me–and all of you out there too, btw–to live that expression through our thoughts and feelings at all times. Sometimes, it’s tougher than other times. But once again, and you’ll hear me refer to this again and again, Perseverance Is Key! So take stock of your support system. Then be prepared to call on it when in need.

So the universe, in its Infinite Wisdom, helped me again in several ways. It ‘disappeared’ my $$$ And my blogpost. I’m not going to call that last disappearance BPN4 because you’ll begin to get the idea that I’m Queen of the Crisis. Actually I’m not …….Anymore. Believe that or no, trust me it’s true!

What purpose it did serve: I demonstrate yet again the ongoing exercise of hanging in through perhaps Infinite Problems ………. Oops. What’s wrong with That phrase? We’ll revisit this question at a later date.

For now, suffice it to say that BPN4 appeared Friday–I’ll not go into detail. I think every one of you have this problem come around not infrequently. It’s the nature of being human–a member of the tribe and an individual at the same time–no small contradiction in case you haven’t noticed yet. Anyway, that was relational Friday and now we’re only a week and change into this exercise and I’ve got 4 Big Problems already!

Monday morning brings BPN5. This is a career BP! Probably most of you have those from time to time also! If you don’t, send me the details. I’m interested. We’ll spotlight you. Anyway, this is a bureaucratic mess-up that really shouldn’t have happened, but did. This time my trusty biz partner is on-the-scene to provide logic through dis-identification (it happened to me, not her) and compassion through identification (because it Could have happened to her but Didn’t).

Once again, rely on your support system. If your abundance thinking reserve is getting low look around you and find someone whose reserve is high. They’ll have the words that will help you switch gears.

Read our introductory article for more about this, as you get a little introduction to who we are and our purpose in creating this transformative online learning community together.

And be observant if you will, about the opportunity that might be surfacing in your adversity.

Problems Come In Bunches……

By Liz Zed

Friday, May 16, 2008 04:11


Wow! I just finished blogging on Big Problem Number 3. Gave you the Whole Enchilada. The gritty learning. Telling you how it was all about the $$$, the grabbing hold of awareness of old patterns of mind, poverty consciousness, lack and doubt, calling on a support system, turning it around, spiralling outward into more good things than I could ever have imagined out of it. Layers being revealed. Left you on Day 3 with that repeating question: “What opportunity can you create out of adversity?”

Then I pushed the button to upload.


It alll Disappeared! Just like the $$$ I’d just finished telling you about.


Adversity or Opportunity

By Liz Zed

Thursday, May 15, 2008 03:31

“What opportunity can you find in your current adversity?” That was my closing question for you yesterday. And it turned out to be a question I could ask myself as well because there’s layers to this stuff. Also synchronicity…..

A couple of hours after blogging about being ‘mad’ about ice cream I attended a networking event where I played the mandatory ‘get to know a stranger’ game with Susan. Conversation about the party food reveals that Susan also has had oral surgery during the past week. Turns out that Susan has had a ……… tooth extraction! What a synchronicty. After finding out that what I shared in common with Susan was Big Problem Number 1 I had to leave. So I didn’t get to find out what opportunity came knocking for Susan.

And it’s not going to surprise me to discover yet another layer of opportunity after the ‘ice cream madness’ and yet to unfold by way of this uncanny encounter. I do know that whatever might be unfolding it’s bound to be shouting “abundant universe”.

Big Problem Number 2 brought to mind refrains of Big Yellow Taxi, and Big Yellow Taxi by the way is Another reminder of my old dad. You might remember from yesterday that I have him to thank for expecting problems that “come in bunches”.

I thought I had abundance mind going pretty good. Picture this–one of my finer manifestations–an idyllic getaway retreat cabin off-the-grid and ‘on the beach’. One of those ‘perfect’ manifestations that’s pure destiny. ………..Until the Problems arrive!

Since a couple of days ago my cabin ‘on the beach’ refers to the property’s front yard. The side yard however is about to turn ‘cabin on the beach’ into ‘cabin on the parking lot’. And if You can imagine that, let me tell you I could not! My idyllic future, semi-retirement haven, exemplary evidence of an abundant universe now wants to morph the vision–new evidence of lack and doubt. A challenge to my beliefs shows up in the form of a window view to headlights instead of ocean and the lull of lapping waves turned to vehicle doors slamming. Double Owie!

If you’ve been following Peng’s Blog you’re paying attention to the importance of building a support system. Big Problem Number 2 turned me in the direction of my support system. Brainstorming brought a new perspective. Joining forces we got into action, looking to decision-makers for options, phone calls, possibiities. Support and collaboration breathed energy into my system, openness into a mind that wanted to clamp down tightly, almost shut, and angry. Luckily fearful poverty mind was kicked to the curb and options derived from an old habitual pattern of poverty mind quickly discarded. No, there was not the possibility of preventing the creation of an angle-in parking lot on the property line but………….

Today’s off-the-grid, cabin-at-the-ocean vision has one wall bordered by a privacy berm of earth, lushly planted with trees, shrubs, flowers, and a buffer from unwanted intrusions. The fire pit is now dual purpose. It’s a place to gather ’round for the evening meal but it’s moved to a better spot. Now the fire on a chillier night will be watched from the comfort and cozy of inside. Over time, perhaps more layers revealed on ‘what’s good about this?’

So yesterday’s question once again: What opportunity can You find in Your problems?

More tomorrow on Big Problem Number 3……..I promise.

Law of 3

By Liz Zed

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 10:53

“Problems come in bunches”, is what my old dad used to say. An abundant world is simply that–an abundant world. It does not discriminate about what is abundantly available. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the obstacles that appear in abundance. On this journey to feeling empowered and abundant a major challenge is to notice how we deal with the obstacles–those challenging experiences that initially don’t make us feel good. Ultimately, how we do that is going to dictate how successful and abundant and empowered we become.

In my work with people who have issues with substance abuse I’ve learned to expect a common illusion. This illusion interferes mightily with one’s ability to move forward unencumbered with the old ‘habit’. That common illusion is that once one is ‘clean and sober’ life will be easy–in other words, bye, bye, problems. What really happens in ridding oneself of the substance abuse burden is an acknowledgement that life continues to present us with obstacles. A bonus that can come for people who persist and succeed in achieving their desired sobriety is a greater connection to an abundant universe.

Feeling abundant can be one of the direct consequences that grow out of learning to embrace adversity as opportunity. Here’s some recent evidence from my own experience.

I promised I’d be more diligent in my blogging. In fact, my last words to you were “back soon. I promise.” I hadn’t intended that to mean it would be more than a week between blog entries! So what happened? Well, 3 situations that showed up on my radar as Big Problems.

Today I’ll tell you about Big Problem Number 1:

Last blog entry was a Monday. Tuesday I woke up with a toothache & swollen gums and made a dental appointment for Wednesday. Two appointments later it was apparent Wednesday evening that my virgin tooth was soon going to be replaced by a gaping hole between two lower teeth. On Friday, in fact, like a beautiful specimen from the ancient old-growth rainforest it was to be sawn in two, gripped between the jaws of dental ‘pliers’, then ripped out of its half-century home in my jawbone, leaving behind–for all the world to see–the gaping space and black stitches. And on top of that………. Pain!

“Abundant universe indeed!”, I harrumphed. ……..”but it is”, said another ‘me’.  And how was I to heal and thrive if not with a prosperous attitude? “What is the opportunity currently hiding in this adversity?” I asked myself. My healing depends on it. It was, fortunately for me, relatively easy to find. First, I would have new bone with a bone graft that if I hadn’t been afraid of in the first place, wouldn’t have left me with the present dilemma. Oh sigh……..better late than never for awareness! Then, with the new bone I would have a strong jaw to carry a new ‘tooth’ that would fill up the gaping space, give me back a confident grin, and put an end to the ghastly look of a badly receeding gumline, terrible pain from recurring infections, and a sense of renewed resilience and a happy future with a healthy mouth. That helped. It was the beginning of an upward trend.

Then came Friday and the surgery itself. Owie! and I was Hungry. Soooooo I had a milkshake for dinner. Now abundance mentality really started to kick in big time. I was on a mission–determined to find the world’s best ice-cream. In truth the next few days found me feeling really happy. I was managing adversity in three areas simultaneously–I’ll tell you about the other two tomorrow–feeling empowered and happy. I was busily engaged savoring flavoring and somewhat nutritionally sustained–with every type of vanilla and french vanilla ice-cream and gelato that I could get my tongue around. Yum-Yum! My world is abundantly rich with ice-cream.

What opportunity can you find in your current adversity?

More tomorrow…………….I promise.

Creating Trust

By Liz Zed

Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:56

I’m making a commitment here today to blog–so keep me accountable folks! This is quite a steep learning curve journey that I’ve embarked upon. I didn’t realize the extent to which I’ve let it intimidate me until a couple of days ago. That awareness came about as a result of reading Alex Mandossian’s May 1st entry at his blogsite   www.alexmandossian.com. After you finish reading this you can go there to check out his entry and discover what I’m talking about.

Luckily, it looks like the steep learning curve is getting a little less steep and my mission today is to send out words of encouragement to all of you out there who might be finding yourself in similar circumstances. What I mean by that is not necessarily that you are faced with the task of taking some of your business online and are wading up to your hubcaps as I am, in the murky waters of technical know-not in the interests of building a membership site. What I mean is that this journey we’re on here together creating abundance is going to continuously present us, as life will do, with obstacles, glitches, challenges–and the reality is that there’s assistance all around. Keep your senses tuned for the clues.

With some friends and teachers that seem to magically materialize all around, things will finally come together. What that means in my case is that a new business is beginning to take form. This is exciting folks! What that means for you is that here at MyMoneyDoctors.com there will be an exquisite sensitivity to the needs of our community. No matter the form in which the steep learning curve shows up, it will show up. Support on the journey is what you will be able to count on here.

More to come in a couple of daze………. I promise.

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Trumpsters and Teenpreneurs

by Liz Zed

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007 04:24

Are you a parent of a young teen who would like to see your child succeed financially, participate in helping to create that success and perhaps learn something yourself while enjoying the process? This is a pilot mentoring project which creates opportunity for kids to learn about developing sustainable wealth in a fun and challenging format with a parent. Beginning with a desire to see my own children develop financial savvy at an early age I conceived this idea as a treasure hunt of sorts, starting on their thirteenth birthday. By the time their next birthday cake was on the table the treasure hunt was a full-blown success and they were on their way to achieving the life of their dreams. Now that they are each successful entrepreneurs in their own right, we at MyMoneyDoctors.com are expanding the circle. This is an opportunity for you to see Your teen become a success and achieve the life of Their dreams. This is a minimum 3 mos. commitment. A longer commitment will cement your relationship with your teen and the successful outcome for both of you. Please contact L. Zed, Ph.D. at info at MyMoneyDoctors.com for further info.

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