We coaches excel in assisting our clients to achieve their highest aspirations. We are great at recognizing, acknowledging, and supporting the unique and magnificent potential of each and every coachee with whom we work. Inevitably it is easy to recognize a “good fit” between coach and client–and in that magic match we demonstrate where we stand ourselves in our commitment to our own self-actualization, our particular and unique combination of skills, talents, values and goals.

Do you ask yourself at invervals, “Am I still on the path that’s Right for ME?”

—-at This moment in time?

…… for the fulfillment of My aspirations?

….. in my role as a Coach?

…. and as a champion of the unique potential of my clients?”

“Am I a great role model for those I currently coach?”

“Do I aspire to mastery as a coach?”

“What steps am I taking to realize that challenging goal of becoming a Masterful Coach?”

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